It's the snowy season, who says it's too cold to have a wedding in winter?

Meet Rosa + David. The cold snowy day couldn't stop these two troopers working through the falling snow flakes. Romantic and sweet, just perfect. Portrait location was taken place right outside the The Beach House by the beautiful beach covered by white snow.

Suzanne + Frank | Pre-wedding Collaboration with Cindela Wedding and CasBeaute

Eda + Manraj | Two Day Wedding | Day One Sikh Wedding

Eda + Manraj | Two Day Wedding | Day One Sikh Wedding

The union of Eda and Manraj took place over two delightfully perfect days in Vancouver B.C. There is an ease in the coming together of a rich and deep love as pure as the one displayed between this couple.  To be witness of a celebration of families, of history and a new future was a blessing for all those involved.  Every detail from the amazing food and decor to the laughs and boundless love from every guest completed this unforgettable two day love story. 


Check out the second day western wedding here

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Jessica + Nathan | Slow-Mo Booth Video

What can we say? POP! Our first Wedding Slowmo Booth of 2014!! Check out Jessica + Nathan's slow motion video. We had the privilege to bring the Slowmo Booth to Vancouver International Airport YVR for the very first time! First wedding, first slowmo booth at YVR! Enjoy the mess!

See their Same Day Edit here -

Jessica + Nathan | Same Day Edit | Vancouver International Airport

We met Jessica and Nathan for almost a decade ago, they are two genuine, kind-hearted friends that one is lucky to have. We knew that this couple will eventually tie the knot and start a new chapter in their life together one day, we just didn't know when it was going to happen. When Nathan approached us with the good news of they're finally getting married, it also came with a very heart-breaking news that Jessica's dad only has so many days left before he can't walk the aisle with his daughter. It was an emotional news for us.

Despite all the pressure on putting a wedding together within 4 weeks, working out of town, visiting hospital everyday, and all the other bits and pieces, Jessica and Nathan managed to be strong and their wedding was unique and beautiful. We are very honored to be their videographers to capture such significant day for them and the family. Every moment is important and needs to be well reserved. We were very glad to show Jessica's dad parts of the ceremony when we visited the hospital just right after the ceremony. It was a very emotional, tearful, but also joyful moment for everyone.

Nathan and Jessica managed to have their wedding celebrated at, for the very first time, Vancouver International Airport (YVR)/Fairmont Vancouver Airport! It was an unique experience for everyone including us. Can you imagine having a wedding at the airport, turning it into a ballroom, and also having a slow motion booth too? No need to imagine all that, you'll see it all in the video!

Wedding Planner / Coordinator: Events to the Nines
Makeup Artist: Tina Wu
Ceremony: St. John's Shaughnessy Anglican Church
Reception: Fairmont Vancouver Airport / YVR Vancouver Airport
Photography: RF Weddings