The perfect team.

Modern Romance Productions is an award winning, fast growing full-time wedding studio here in Vancouver, BC. A team of passionate photographers and videographers focused on capturing the intricacies of your luxury wedding. We shoot in photojournalist style with a traditional touch and love to capture the true, beautiful moments.

The company was founded in 2010. We have now shot over 180 weddings combined. And yes, we still look forward to shooting every wedding we have simply because you and your wedding are individually unique and special. 

We believe in true moments and true love, nothing beats the real happiness that happens at a wedding. This is one of the many reasons we love our job and enjoy working along with our couples! We have great options and services that include all the goodies to suit your wedding needs. Feel free to contact us for a customized package to best suit your wedding.

Some Bragging Rights... 

 Photo by Kuna Lu

2012 - We received our highest achievement - winning the Best Wedding Cinematography in BC award (BC Wedding Awards). It was one of the most memorable nights for us. It was also our very first submission to BC Weddings Awards and we can't tell you how honoured we were to stand on the stage and couldn't even say better speech other than "Thank you all, thank you, thank you!". 

2013 - Shortly after winning the award, we were interviewed by Ming Pao Newspaper to talk about us - the 80's young entrepreneurs and our successful story.

2013 - We were awarded and voted by Wedding Industry Experts as Best New Photographer in BC, Top 100 Best New Photographer in Canada, Best New Cinematographer in Vancouver and in BC, and Top 3 Best New Cinematographer in Canada!

2013 - We brought the very First Slow Motion Booth to Vancouver. The Slowmo Booth video was featured on Vancity Buzz, SLR Lounge, and Real Weddings Magazine and interviewed by (article here). Later the video was seen on CTV News and various websites. 

2014 - Ruby, owner of Modern Romance, was interviewed by Simon Fraser University and featured on SFU Alumni Spotlight.

2015 - Ruby was announced by Canadian Top 30 Under 30 photographers by Canada Photo Convention. We were thrilled and humbled to be listed with many other great colleagues and photographers that we admire.

2015 - We are honoured to be one of the three finalists for 2015 Best Edited Wedding Video Award of Professional BC Wedding Awards.

 Boss of Minions

Boss of Minions

Creative Director

"Go big or go home!"

  • a boy hidden under a girl's face
  • an occasional film extra
  • loves dogs & her brother
  • allergic to apples
  • goes on Netflix when not working
 Chief Minion

Chief Minion

Studio Manager

"Need a crane for this shot!"

  • has film degree
  • with real military training
  • refuses to kill any life forms
  • a detail genius
  • has the strongest steadicam "arm"
 Deputy Chief Minion

Deputy Chief Minion


"You think?"

  • is always hungry
  • loves dogs & his bossy sister
  • the loudest minion
  • a pro gamer outside weddings
  • 100% MORO trained
 Bubble Minion

Bubble Minion

Video Editor

"Just curious"

  • love cats, milk tea, and Harry Potter
  • is bad at singing
  • enjoys reading and sleeping
  • has trypophobia
  • 100% MORO trained!
 Yoga Minion

Yoga Minion

 Running Minion

Running Minion

 Bow minion

Bow minion



"The world is not in your books and maps, it's out there."

  • loves to travel
  • croissant for breakfast
  • practices yoga whenever she can
  • loves marine animals
  • plants succulents for fun


"Where there's a will, there's a way!"

  • loves running
  • loves her hubby
  • dances when no one is watching
  • a fitness trainer
  • really loves coffee


"Let's go on an adventure!"

  • loves polka dots & bows
  • would like to visit every continent  
  • is a major Apple fan girl
  • expert at sleeping on airplanes
  • enjoys calligraphy & typewriters (but not 80 years old)


"I love romance"

  • loves something girly
  • coffee for life
  • enjoys sleeping
  • loves Disneyland
  • has a tea cup collection
 Takeout Minion

Takeout Minion


"Can I have a togo box?"

  • has a film degree 
  • a former security guard
  • loves takeout food
  • thinks a lot
  • leads an old man's life style
  • 100% MORO trained!



"I could use a coffee."

  • has film degree
  • massive Arsenal fan
  • loves a good burger
  • often looks tired... 
  • always needs a coffee for that reason!


"Don't touch the cake!"

  • has film degree 
  • pronounces "thank you" in Cantonese well
  • has a stoned face but totally sober
  • has curly hair
  • is always working on sets
 Joking Minion 

Joking Minion 


"What do you call a bear without teeth?"

  • has film degree
  • his film won a Leo Award
  • tells bad...good jokes!
  • films music videos
  • dares to try anything at a Chinese banquet