Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have Photo & Video Combo Deal?

Yes we do and you know you want to book our photo & video team.

Would you like to attend our rehearsal?

Yes we do, we always try to attend rehearsals. We will be there as long as the schedule works out, even if it's a venue that we're very familiar with. It's a great time to meet your family and wedding party and get acquainted.

Do you do this full time or you have other job(s) as well?

We are a full-time studio since 2010. This is what we do full time.

We want to pay cash, does that give us any special pricing?

Nope! And all the applicable taxes will be charged regardless the method of the payment.

Do we need to pay tax?

Yes, can't avoid the infamous 5% GST and/or the 7% PST.

I have a multi-day wedding, what do I do?

We provide custom packages for multi-day weddings, contact us!

How do we secure the date?

A signed digital contract & 40% non-refundable retainer payment are due to reserve the date. Balance due prior or latest on the event date.

Do you travel outside Vancouver? What are the costs?

For most services, the traveling rate is based on $0.51 per kilometre & $30 per hour. Other fees may incur such as, but not limited to, ferry fares, flight fares, admission tickets, etc.

What are your payment methods? 

You can pay with cash, cheques, and approved bank drafts. You can pay with credit cards as well, with conditions and fees applied.

What does consecutive hour really mean?

Our hours of coverage are continuous. For example, we are contracted for 10 hours and our start time is 10:00, you have our unlimited coverage from then till 20:00. 

Do you offer more hours?

Yes we do! We offer larger package with more hours of coverage for your needs. Simply shoot us an email or a call with details of your big day and we can provide you a more accurate quote.

Will the photos be edited?

Each photo that you receive is individually edited with our "Basic Editing", which means enhancement of lighting, adjustment of contrast, and colour correction. If you wish to have advanced editing done, we have "Fully Retouching" option available at $40 per image. This option provides skin softening, removal of blemishes, and teeth whitening.

Who will be there to shoot my wedding?

You will always get one of us - we only work with the same people simply because we have great team work, communication, and style from working together closely for year. You will not get a team of shooters that we aren't familiar with, we promise!

My wedding will be out of town/country, a destination wedding, do you travel oversea? 

You bet! We travel nationally and internationally. We do maximum 2 out-of-country destination weddings per year. So far we've been to Honolulu - Hawaii, Victoria - BC, Edmonton - Alberta, Taipei - Taiwan, Sunshine Coast - BC, Okanagan - BC, Pender Island - BC, Kelowna - BC, Maya Riviera - Mexico, Vancouver Island, Egmont, and Whistler - BC!