It's the snowy season, who says it's too cold to have a wedding in winter?

Meet Rosa + David. The cold snowy day couldn't stop these two troopers working through the falling snow flakes. Romantic and sweet, just perfect. Portrait location was taken place right outside the The Beach House by the beautiful beach covered by white snow.

Lydia + Ken | Snowy Engagement at Cypress Mountain North Vancouver

We are so excited to be sharing this snowy engagement session we did with Lydia + Ken at Cypress Mountain last year (can't believe it's 2015 already!). It was a very challenging session for all of us, mostly because how freezing cold it was. It was the toughest for Lydia in her strapless wedding gown in such cold snowy condition. So glad that we brought some little disposable heat packs for them, Ken's hands were turning almost purple at the end of the session, which really worried me. We wished we had brought at least 20 of the heat packs to stuff them up! All in all, they were such troopers and braved out the freezing cold session all the way. Not a single complaint and we managed to take more than what we initially planned for, the extra hour was well worth it. And luckily we got to shoot a little more with the last bit of sunlight before the sun disappeared behind the mountains. Big shout-out to Lisa from from Shing Weddings, what kind of fantastic planner tags along and assists at engagement sessions? Lisa does! Super awesome planner to have for your big day! Call her up!

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Vivian + David | Snowy Session | Mt. Seymour North Vancouver

It was a last minute hang out + photo shoot and so glad it happened and turned out to be a great portrait session. One night we just asked Vivian and David if they're up for a quick snowy session with us because we were going to scout Mt Seymour and check out the snow condition. The snow up there wasn't that great, we were a little disappointed but with little 10 minute hike, we managed to find this path with more snow and a cool looking dam/water fall. Vivian and David were extremely fun and easy to work with, they would say yes to anything we ask them to do (but of course we put safety first always!). Prior to the shoot, they told us that they aren't photogenic and worried they might look awkward in front of the camera. Seriously, I LOVE how the images turned out. Awesome couple with genuine personalities with beautiful smiles. Thank you Vivian and David for doing this scout + shoot with us. Although this couple isn't engaged (yet), I can't wait till when the day really comes! *hint David*


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