Yet another Slow Motion Booth - Behind the Scene

Some cool clips of silly shots of ourselves, our friends Andrew and Amish, and behind-the-scenes!

Check out our first slow-mo booth video here:

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We used:

  • Camera - Sony FS700 + 18-200mm
  • Lights - Six 4' 4-Bank Kino Flos (set up like a surround sound system)
  • Background - 12x12' Solid Black
  • Overhead - 12x12' Bleached Muslin
  • SPFX - Wind Fan, Confetti Machine, Breakaway Bottles, Party Poppers, Silly String, Balloons, Glitter, Powder

Vancouver's Slow Motion Booth has Arrived!

Had a blast at Linda + Wylen's wedding earlier in September.

Had a blast at Linda + Wylen's wedding earlier in September.

YES! it is happening for real! We aren't the first to come up with this amazing idea but we are very proud to be the first in Vancouver to showcase the infamous slow-mo (slow motion) booth wedding video!

Thanks to  SFST  (Super Frog Saves Tokyo), a marketing firm in Seattle, WA, who made a video of slow-mo booth at their buddy's wedding that went viral. Now everyone in the Vancouver wedding industry is talking about it. Many people are saying it's going to be the next big thing at weddings. We don't know if they're right, but what we do know is, the guests at Linda + Wylen's wedding had a blast. Just check out the video below to see it for yourself! It totally went crazier than we expected!  

Share your wildest slow-mo ideas with us and we will make it happen! 

The story behind all these craziness is - after watching the first slow-mo booth video made by SFST, we as wedding videographers had the itch and we knew we had to eventually try one ourselves. 

It all seems very unreal though it just happened last week. We wanted to to do it at a real wedding, not at home, in our backyard, or at any events for try-outs. With our film background and connections, we knew exactly what gear we wanted to use and how to make it work. The only question was, which wedding should it be? Immediately we thought of Linda and Wylen.

At the pre-wedding consultation with Linda and Wylen a couple months back, they told us that they wanted something that's different and not commonly seen! And knowing that they are a fun couple with a group of crazy friends (and not to forget their bridal party :P), we knew it's got to be them! Just less than 5 days before their wedding, we met up for a second pre-wedding consultation to go over some details and their itinerary, we proposed our slow motion booth service to them, and asked them if they would be interested to be the first couple to book this service. We could tell Linda was hyped and funny part is when Wylen said "do we even need to talk about it?". BAM! A day later, they called us and wanted to book it so we immediately started putting everything together, because we only had 3 days to pull it off.

We can't tell you how grateful we are to have Linda and Wylen's trust on this, and how proud we are of everyone in the team to be able to pull it off within such short amount of time for preparation.

One of the difficulties was the space for the booth. We wanted our booth to be 12 x 12 with a lot of lighting and special effects. And it feels like it was meant to be, because their reception was held at Radisson Hotel in Richmond, which is a huge venue that could accommodate their 300 guests, also has a huge reception area, long buffet tables, a photo booth, dessert bar, candy bar, 2 drink bars, PLUS our gigantic slow motion video booth!

We were lucky and we are very grateful for it! A big thank you to those who were involved. You guys made this all possible!



We made it on Vancity Buzz. And we think it's something worth bragging about since it's our very first time being on one of Vancouver's popular Entertainment Source! Here's the link to the feature below:

Thanks to Vancity Buzz, we have reached 3k + plays on our Vimeo within less than 30 hours. This is something we have never experienced and it is absolutely amazing. 

We made it to the front page of Vancity Buzz on Sep 19, 2013! YAY!

We made it to the front page of Vancity Buzz on Sep 19, 2013! YAY!

For those that are interested in how we did it and what we used, check out our feature on SLR Lounge!