Taiwan in Fisheye - Part III - Scuba Dive + Lunar New Year

我們第一個正式的潛水影片,也是我們第一次岸潛,比船潛困難度高很多! 整整花了三天,潛水五次,五個不同的海底所拍攝的。 我們拍完才能深深感受,地理頻道啊,Discovery頻道有多厲害、多艱難才能拍出他們那樣超水準! 我們會繼續潛水,希望技術能越來越好!也感謝台東綠島的居福潛水民宿 以及 帶我們下海三天的導潛-全哥,對我們照顧有佳,Ruby + Cedric 新年快樂的那張合照還是靠全哥幫我們拍攝的 !

Behold, our very first dive film! It is shot over 5 dives in 3 days. The dives did not disappoint. Our dive guide, brother Quan, was very patient with us. It was the first time we were doing shore dives, and boy, was getting in and out of the water exhausting. It is much easier to do boat dives, just dropping into the water instead of trying not to slip, fall and sprain or cut yourselves wading through the shallow rocks with heavy equipment.

Though it is winter, the waters are around 25 degrees Celsius, generally a little warmer than on ground. Visibility was pretty awesome most of the times, the seabed was full of beautiful soft corals (where we were) like a huge underwater garden.

There were a lot of fish that were generally not afraid of humans. Cedric loves scuba because there's few other chances for you to get close to wild animals. The fish here are also a little used to people feeding them so they would also crowd around you at times. Though such a practice is usually frowned upon, we learned that it's not so bad at a place like Green Island because there's barely anyone there during the low seasons, and the life there have to find their own means of survival instead of depending on tourists all year round.

This dive trip marked Ruby's 9th dive and Cedric's 10th dive. Hopefully there'll be another chance to go back there to explore the other dive sites!