Tess + David Mayan Riviera Wedding

Tess + David Mayan Riviera Wedding

The Mayan Riviera, is a HOT backdrop for a wedding! The Barceló Maya Palace Deluxe provided breathtaking ocean views, white sand, turquoise water and everything you could hope for the perfect destination wedding... including the heat! Tess and David's love story was ingnited surrounded by family and friends during this week long escape from the mundane. With such a fun loving and kind couple this wedding was as cool as the evening ocean breeze. 


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Ann Marie + Marco | Bothell, WA to Whistler, BC

We see every wedding outside Vancouver lower mainland as a "destination wedding" or at least an "out of town" wedding. We were thrilled to learn that we were going to shoot Ann Marie and Marco's wedding at Whistler. This super fun, cheerful, and kind couple are from Seattle, Washington; so this gorgeous Whistler wedding was actually a real destination wedding for them. They invited their families and friends to join them at one of their favourite places - Whistler, BC - in celebration of the special occasion. This was more than just a wedding day, it was a journey together. There are only so few chances in our lives where most of our loved ones could be at one place, at the same time, celebrating for something so loving and so remarkable. Well, Ann Marie & Marco's wedding was one!

The initial consultation with Ann Marie & Marco was one of a kind. We usually meet our out-of-town couples via Skype chats; but no, that was not the case with them. They drove up to Vancouver, and we couldn't tell you how excited and honored we felt. During the meeting, Marco mentioned about his idea of having a camera on him filming him going through the reception buffet! We began to brainstorm, expand the idea, and threw in more ideas and all the possibilities of what we can achieve with the GoPro we have. It sort of became a unique "GoPro" wedding video, and we don't normally use GoPro at weddings because it is not for every couple. Then we noticed Marco had his eyes wide opened but he was quiet, and we thought, well perhaps we weren't hitting that sweet spot of interest and might not get to work with this amazing couple after all. Then Ann Marie probably noticed our moment, she smiled and said, "he's excited, I can tell by that look on his face that he is pumped with all that GoPro ideas." That was it! That was the moment we felt, "this is it! we MUST work with them!"

Seriously, who lets their videographer mount a GoPro on the knife of which they used for cake cutting? How awesome is that?

This is one of the most anticipated weddings of the year. This was also our first wedding to shoot in Whistler as a team and most of us had never been to The Peak, especially in the summer time! It was so gorgeous up there, all that snow capped mountains, 360 degree of breathtaking views, and bright blue skies. Every great things requires great efforts. And you could probably tell that it wasn't easy to hike up there at all, not easy in Ann Marie's dazzling white wedding gown, not in Marco and his groomsmen's hot looking suits, and most definitely not with a ton of video (and photo) gear with us on a hot day. It was one of the most challenging and tiring wedding portrait shoots we had to do. But it was worth it. So worth it for the view and most importantly for this amazing couple and their fun bridal party. If you read all these and still haven't seen the video, do that now, and please tell us you love it! Enjoy =)

Shout out to the awesome vendors we love and had fun working with - Karen from Tallevi Studios and Christina from Red Carpet Ready by Christina!

Wedding vendors that made it possible!

Julia + Victor | West Coast Wilderness Lodge

We had the privilege to visit Egmont in BC, just an hour away from Sunshine Coast, and witness Julia and Victor's beautiful wedding at West Coast Wilderness Lodge. Julia booked us over the phone so we never got to meet her in person until the wedding. Everything turned out to be great, we had sunshine, no rain. Half of the guests were flown in by float planes. Luckily we managed to capture their arrival, we wished that we could try out the float plane too, guess next time! On the same night, Julia and Victor has organized a nice campfire for the guests just by the water. Roy, the best man, brought chocolate and marshmallow ready to make some smores! We enjoyed the night shooting stars, eating marshmallow, and hang out by the campfire. It really made me want to go camping again.

The ceremony was beautiful, just a little chilly I have to say. Julia and Victor were so thoughtful and prepared nice warm blankets (all in purple!) rolled up as gifts for the guests to wear at the ceremony. Those nice little favors really showed how much they care for their families and friends. The day went by really quickly, luckily the venue is gorgeous to shoot everywhere, we didn't have to go far for photo shoot. We managed to have it done within 30 minutes. How much more would we ask? We enjoyed staying over at the venue, having everything in 1 minute walking distance. Best.thing.ever! 


Taiwan in Fisheye 2014 - Part III - Taitung, Green Island

Taiwan in Fisheye 2014 - Part III - Taitung, Green Island


This is the last part of our series on our trip in Taiwan. Hope you guys have enjoyed the posts! Till next time.

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Taiwan in Fisheye - Part III - Scuba Dive + Lunar New Year

我們第一個正式的潛水影片,也是我們第一次岸潛,比船潛困難度高很多! 整整花了三天,潛水五次,五個不同的海底所拍攝的。 我們拍完才能深深感受,地理頻道啊,Discovery頻道有多厲害、多艱難才能拍出他們那樣超水準! 我們會繼續潛水,希望技術能越來越好!也感謝台東綠島的居福潛水民宿 以及 帶我們下海三天的導潛-全哥,對我們照顧有佳,Ruby + Cedric 新年快樂的那張合照還是靠全哥幫我們拍攝的 !

Behold, our very first dive film! It is shot over 5 dives in 3 days. The dives did not disappoint. Our dive guide, brother Quan, was very patient with us. It was the first time we were doing shore dives, and boy, was getting in and out of the water exhausting. It is much easier to do boat dives, just dropping into the water instead of trying not to slip, fall and sprain or cut yourselves wading through the shallow rocks with heavy equipment.

Though it is winter, the waters are around 25 degrees Celsius, generally a little warmer than on ground. Visibility was pretty awesome most of the times, the seabed was full of beautiful soft corals (where we were) like a huge underwater garden.

There were a lot of fish that were generally not afraid of humans. Cedric loves scuba because there's few other chances for you to get close to wild animals. The fish here are also a little used to people feeding them so they would also crowd around you at times. Though such a practice is usually frowned upon, we learned that it's not so bad at a place like Green Island because there's barely anyone there during the low seasons, and the life there have to find their own means of survival instead of depending on tourists all year round.

This dive trip marked Ruby's 9th dive and Cedric's 10th dive. Hopefully there'll be another chance to go back there to explore the other dive sites! 

Taiwan in Fisheye 2014 - Part II - Taipei City

Taiwan in Fisheye 2014 - Part II - Taipei City

這是我們第一次寫旅遊文章,而且還是中文和英文都有喔!全部照片都是以Canon 7D + Rokina 8mm Fisheye lens所拍攝的。之所以為叫作"余"眼是因為我們的Cedric大哥姓余,也是他第一次來台灣觀光,所以 Cedric 用魚眼鏡頭拍下余眼看見的台灣!


For our friends and family in Taiwan and Vancouver, this will be our first post written in both Chinese and English from different perspectives. The mandarin title includes a play on the word "fisheye"; Cedric's last name is "Yu", which sounds like the Mandarin word for Fish (pronounced "yu"). It is Cedric's first time in Taiwan so we thought it's an appropriate title. All shot on Canon 7D + Rokina 8mm Fisheye cine-lens. Enjoy!

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