Harley + Joker | A Halloween Shoot

This shoot would not have been possible if not for Sebastian of thatguyyouknowww, and all of our friends and colleagues who put in their time and energy at such short notice. Shooting at a skatepark, even with permits and all, was challenging. 


Big thanks to our models, Doroski Cosplay, Donovan Cerminara, and Erik Vigil. They looked amazing in their costumes and gave a great performance. They were down for anything, and were very spontaneous. Thanks for all the great improv as we dealt with all kinds of challenges! 

Helping them look great were our make-up artists Madison Mah and Sara. Hair and blood effects by Shun Chi Wu. Thank you guys so much for being so accommodating and flexible!

Thanks to Martin of DirectHitFX! You're like Gandalf. You bring such joy to people's lives when you light up the boom-boom. And also thanks for keeping us safe with your experience and 2 co2 extinguishers!

Thanks to Will Box, Jun Yim, Kenneth Escueta, Jason Chow, Bronson Nguyen Le, and Jason Cheung for jumping on board! You guys helped us "crowd/spectator" manage, light up and run around with smoke bombs, and became human light stands. You guys rock.

I'd also like to thank Ruby, Gary, Vincent, and Yu-Chieh of Modern Romance for coming out to help with whatever was required, and being awesome as always ;) You guys get things done.

Sebastian, thanks so much again for taking such great care of everyone, giving people rides, and helping put this amazing project together. This shoot would not have been possible without all of you :D


Here's Sebastian's BTS Video! Also check out his awesome channel full of other cosplay and fun goodies: https://www.youtube.com/user/ThatGuyYouKnowww

Be on the watch  for another video/more photos from ThatGuyYouKnowww ;)

Full Credits:

Harley: Doroski Cosplay
Joker: Donovan Cerminara
SWAT Officer: Erik Vigil

Co-Directors: Cedric Yu, Sebastian Nguyen (thatguyyouknowww)
Key Makeup Artist: Madison Mah
Makeup Artist: Sara J Irwin
Hair and Blood FX: Shun Chi Wu
SPFX: Martin Testa

Gang Boss: Ruby Chang
Additional Crew and Assistants: Gary Chang, Vincent Lin, Yu-Chieh Chao, Will Box, Jun Yim, Kenneth Escueta, Jason Chow, Bronson Nguyen Le, Jason Cheung.

With thanks to:
Good people of Burnaby
City of Burnaby Film Office
City of Burnaby Fire Department
Burnaby RCMP
My parents + Cheryl Yu