Eunice + Brian | Wedding Same-Day-Edit

This was one of the weddings that we looked forward the most of this year for several reasons. We've always loved it when our own video and photo teams shoot together. It was also a wedding of good friends of ours, and it's always exciting to be an important part of a friend's special day. Eunice and Brian have been more supportive than any photographers and videographers could ask for, and we are very grateful for it.

You know your couple is a great one just by seeing and spending time with their beloved families and friends. When everyone has a smile on their face throughout the day, you know that it can only be a wonderful day, nothing should go wrong! And indeed, everything went smoothly as expected.

My favourite part of this Same-Day-Edit (SDE) is where Eunice and Brian shared their vows. Instead of showing the complete vow of each, we combined both into one. Because that's what marriage is about, we celebration the two people unite. I always get the kind of "aww" feeling whenever we show this video to our 2014 couples, never fails!

We love our couples. Eunice and Brian are one of the best examples to show why we do!  Thank you for the wonderful day and not to mention how Brian totally surprised us with his crazy dance moves and energy on the dance floor. Oh wait, not just Brian, it was the whole group of their friends! Simply.amazing! =)

_ Ru