Favourite Vancouver Wedding Venues

Terminal City Club

Willette + Dominic | Same Day Edit

Terminal City Club Showcase 2014 HUSH

stanley park pavilion

Veronica + Billy | Highlight Edit
Epic Ring Shot + Shot in 4K

Yna + Yohei | Highlight Edit
Aerial/Drone shots

Brock House Restaurant

Lisa + Alex | Same Day Edit
Aerial/Drone shots + Sweet first look

Serey + Marcus | Highlight Edit
Multi-day wedding - Cambodian + Western ceremonies

Iris + Steven | Highlight Edit
Indoor ceremony + rustic details and decor

Vancouver Club

Selina + Eddie | Extended Same Day Edit
Luxurious wedding with personalized details + decor
Chinese wedding with outdoor Door games

Cecilia + Derek | Extended Same Day Edit
Christian ceremony + Chinese door games + tea ceremony
Time-lapses of Vancouver

Vancouver Convention Centre

Carmen + Ivar | Same Day Edit
Vancouver Canucks themed wedding
Cantonese + door games + tea ceremony


Peggy + Davy | Same Day Edit
Aerial/Drone shots + elegant black and gold decor
Chinese wedding + Door games + tea ceremony

Tina + Andy | Highlight Edit
Crane shots + choreographed first dance
Chinese wedding + door games + elegant rustic decor